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Welcome to XL Imaging’s can save you time and money searching for Industrial CCTV cameras like Machine Vision, Microscopy, Inspection cameras, USB cameras, Firewire cameras, GigE, Camera Link cameras, Medical Imaging cameras, Auto Focus Zoom cameras, and CCTV lenses and cables.
Always free to Purchasing Agents.      First 45 days free to Suppliers.

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This site was specifically designed for Purchasing Agents / Buyers of Industrial CCTV and Digital Imaging products to save you time researching and buying products from industrial machine vision cameras to microscopy cameras and to assist you in receiving the lowest price possible. Take advantage of this FREE service to test your current supplier’s price using

Step 1 - Register
Free to all Purchasing Agents - Buyers of CCTV products.

Step 2 - Enter your bid request
Choose a camera brand, add any additional products (cables, optics, monitors, questions, etc.) and submit the bid.

Step 3 - Select the best bid
Receiving multiple bids via e-mail saves you time and helps to establish qualified relationships.

Three levels of Supplier membership:
Level 1 - : 45 days free or until one winning bid.
Level 2 - : Receive bids on registered brands.
Level 3 - : Be listed as a qualified Supplier for all purchasing agents to contact directly and be the only group to receive their questions on replacement products.

Advertising space available on this Home Page and on the purchasing side of the site.
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